No. 1/April 16, 2010

First Issue for 2010
This is the first issue of the Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter for 2010. In each issue, we provide information about plant diseases and insect pests that are occurring or about to occur throughout the state.

Commercial Handbook Available
The 2010 Illinois Commercial Landscape and Turfgrass Pest Management Handbook is available. This publication provides management recommendations for diseases, weeds, and insect pests associated with trees, shrubs, turf, and flowers for professionals including arborists, turf care professionals, landscapers, golf course personnel, nurserymen, and garden center operators.

Pin Oak Gall Larvae
We have received reports of large numbers of larvae being found under pin oak trees in the Springfield area. Based on somewhat sketchy information, these appear to be the mature larvae of a gall midge in the genus Contarinia.

Emerald Ash Borer
The Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) has added Ford and Iroquois counties to its emerald ash borer (EAB) quarantine. The expansion became necessary after the discovery of the destructive beetle outside the boundaries of the former quarantine in March.

Scouting Watch
Eastern tent caterpillar and European pine sawfly are profiled.

Plant Clinic Season Opener May 3rd
The University of Illinois Plant Clinic will open its doors for the 2010 season beginning at 8am on Monday, May 3rd. A few of the staff members are different this year, but hours, fees, and services remain the same as the 2009 season.

Sudden Oak Death Update
Sudden oak death is a disease that kills oaks. It is present in California, Oregon, and Washington. The cause is a fungal-like pathogen, Phytophthora ramorum.

Boxwood Problems Remain
Calls about boxwood problems started for me about two years ago. I continue to receive calls concerning boxwoods, and the problem is the same.