Issue 1, April 16, 2010

First Issue for 2010

This is the first issue of the Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter for 2010. In each issue, we provide information about plant diseases and insect pests that are occurring or about to occur throughout the state. There are also occasional articles on weeds, new pesticides, and other topics.

The articles are primarily meant for professional landscapers, arborists, lawn care specialists, golf course personnel, nurserymen, and garden center operators. Homeowners benefit from the articles as well, but homeowner control options are frequently not included. Thus, homeowners may not find the recommended pesticides in garden centers, and labor intensive control options appropriate for homeowners but not professionals may not be included.

With this first issue being produced in mid-April, the next issue will be two weeks later at the end of April. We will then have weekly issues through May and June when disease and insect problems arise quickly. In July, August, and September, issues will be produced every two weeks, as the pest problems are less intense and time-sensitive during that time. We will finish the year with an issue published in late October, for a total of 18 issues. The newsletter is free of charge and issued only on the Internet. There are pdf files provided for those who wish to print the issues, but there are no paper subscriptions.

We welcome input from our readers. We are particularly interested in reports of disease, insect, and other pest sightings that you come across. Our state is 400 miles long, with spring events occurring in extreme southern Illinois a month before they occur in extreme northern Illinois. We can easily miss the first occurrence or not realize the severity of pests in various parts of the state. We are also interested in comments on the quality and timeliness of the newsletter issues. To provide disease information, contact Nancy Pataky at or 217-333-0519. To provide insect information, contact Phil Nixon at or 217-333-6650. Comments about the newsletter should be directed to Phil Nixon.--Phil Nixon

Phil Nixon

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