Issue 1, April 16, 2010

Plant Clinic Season Opener May 3rd

The University of Illinois Plant Clinic will open its doors for the 2010 season beginning at 8am on Monday, May 3rd. A few of the staff members are different this year, but hours, fees, and services remain the same as the 2009 season. This will be my last season as the director of the Plant Clinic as I prepare for retirement. For those of you new to our services, this is the 35th year of Plant Clinic operation, all at the same location.

The Plant Clinic is located on the north border of the University of Illinois farms in Urbana, nestled between the historic round barns and the new golf practice facility. The mailing address is:

Plant Clinic
1401 W. St. Mary's Rd.
Urbana, IL 61802

The clinic web presence is at There you will find hours of operation, a map to our lab, and instruction on how to prepare samples, as well as required data forms, fees, and contact information. If you prefer talking to a person, our telephone number is 217-333-0519. We are not fully staffed for the first few weeks, so if you happen to call and get a busy signal, please leave a message with Sandy (Crop Science Extension) at 217-333-4424 or send an e-mail message to me at

Whenever submitting a sample, provide as much information as possible on the pattern of injury in the planting, the pattern on one affected plant, and details describing how symptoms have changed over time to cause you concern. Data forms are required with all samples. You do not have to use our form, but please provide the same information requested on our form. We can be far more efficient, accurate, and helpful when background information is provided. It is a rare case when the sample alone provides us with a diagnosis.

Most disease problems are handled in-house, but other problems may require us to find the appropriate campus specialist to help. Many samples can be diagnosed within a day or two. Should culturing be necessary, isolates may not be ready to make a final reading for as much as two weeks. Nematode processing also requires about a week to complete. Please refer to our web site for details concerning services offered. When in doubt, please call. Often mailing costs are greater than our sample fee, so calling ahead may save you time and money.--Nancy Pataky

Nancy Pataky

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