No. 17/October 19, 2016

Last Issue for 2016
This is the last issue of the Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter for 2016. We plan to start 2017 issues around mid-April, depending on how early spring weather breaks, bringing diseases, weeds, and insect pests along with it. This issue includes an index of the articles written in the 17 issues of this year's newsletter.

Rotting Wood Borers
There are several species of beetles and other insects that tunnel through the rotting wood common in many trees. Generally, these are discovered when a tree blows over in a windstorm, gets hit by lightning, or is cut down. These insects are commonly inaccurately blamed for the tree going into decline or causing the tree to be weakened.

White Grubs
White grubs continue to be a problem in Illinois due to populations rebounding from heavy mortality from droughts and deeply frozen soils in previous years. Due to unseasonably warm temperatures, soil temperatures are still very warm, ranging from the mid-60's degrees F in northern Illinois to the mid-70's in southern Illinois. These temperatures are allowing turfgrass root feeding to continue.

Seed Corn Beetle
Seed corn beetles, Stenolophus lecontei, have been a problem in turf this summer, particularly on golf course greens. Seed corn beetles are about one-quarter inch long and brown to reddish-brown with black heads and two wide black stripes on the wing covers. They have long antennae.

Index 2016
An index to the pests and other topics addressed in the 2016 issues of the Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter.