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Fungicide Note

Although it is fortunate that nonchemical pest control measures are fairly consistent over the years, chemical controls are ever changing. Chemical labels change often and so do chemical recommendations for control of insects, diseases, and weeds. Be sure to refer to your product label every time you purchase a product, even when using a product that you have used in the past. Two good sources of current chemical recommendations are Illinois Homeowners’ Guide to Pest Management and Illinois Commercial Landscape & Turfgrass Pest Management Handbook, 1998–1999. The former will be updated every two or three years, while the latter will be revised every other year. A chemical update that has occurred since those two publications went to press follows. This information was obtained from Dr. John Hartman at the University of Kentucky.

Immunex is the homeowner-use formulation of the fungicide propiconazole and is no longer being manufactured. Two other familiar products containing propiconazole are Alamo and Banner. They are still available. Immunox is the homeowner-use formulation of the fungicide myclobutanil. Immunox at first contained propiconazole, but the formulation has been changed so that it now contains myclobutanil. It is possible that both products are on the shelf, but new supplies will contain only Immunox (myclobutanil). Immunox is fairly new, so look for it in garden centers as an option for powdery mildew control and other common fungal diseases on ornamental crops. Always read the label carefully for crop clearance and specific diseases controlled.

Author: Nancy Pataky


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