No. 9/June 19, 2009

Scouting Watch
Japanese beetles, honeylocust plant bugs, and honeylocust borers have been reported recently in Illinois.

It appears that the bagworm eggs may have been killed by severe winter temperatures in central and northern Illinois. Before treating, be sure to scout for young caterpillars.

Pine False Webworm
There have been reports of pine false webworm, Acantholyda erythrocephala, attacking Eastern white pines in northern Illinois.

Slime Mold Time
Wet conditions in late spring and early summer this year have brought out some interesting looking slime molds.

Azalea Exobasidium Gall
Azalea Exobasidium gall is not a regular problem in Illinois. It is probably a direct result of the extremely wet conditions we have experienced so far this year.

Oak Wilt or Look Alike?
Oak wilt is a lethal disease to infected oaks. Additionally, it may spread by root grafts (root connections) between oaks or it may spread overland by beetles carrying the causal fungus.

Invasive Species Spotlight--Gypsy Moth
Gypsy moths are among some of the most destructive forest pests in the United States ... did you know they were brought here intentionally?