No. 6/May 29, 2009

Weather Impacts on Insects
As we get more warm weather, insects will develop very quickly. Along with rainy weather, we have had somewhat cooler temperatures, which have slowed down the development of insects

Scouting Watch
Several pests are currently emerging throughout the state, including emerald ash borer, bagworms, and a number of other insects.

Flatheaded Appletree Borer
Flatheaded appletree borer, Chrysobothris femorata, is a pest of newly transplanted and declining trees and shrubs in the rose family including hawthorn, serviceberry, crabapple, rose, and cotoneaster

We have received a number of calls concerning damage by squirrels to trees. Damage primarily consists of the bark being stripped off of one to three inch diameter branches for one to several feet.

Early Season Anthracnose
Anthracnose is a term used to refer to many fungal diseases that have a specific fruiting body called an acervulus. The anthracnose diseases cause leaf and stem spots, cankers, or fruit lesions.

Oak Leaf Blisters
Taphrina caerulescense is a fungal disease that may soon make an appearance on oak leaves in Illinois

Deep Planting and Girdling Roots
Deep planting and girdling roots are problems that were initiated about 30 years ago but are affecting trees (and shrubs) now. Both conditions may kill trees and shrubs and are often misdiagnosed.

Invasive Species Spotlight--Brazilian Elodea
Brazilian elodea, a native of southeastern South America, has spread from its native habitat with the aid of its usage as an aquarium plant.