No. 17/October 17, 2011

Last Issue for 2011
This is the last issue of the Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter for this year. We plan on publishing the first issue of 2012 in mid-April.

Cedar Beetle
A number of cedar beetles have been sent in for identification over the past few weeks from the southern half of Illinois. Cedar beetles, also known as cicada parasite beetles, are in the family Rhipiceridae. Generally, they are reported as flying around or crawling on a tree in large numbers.

Emerald Ash Borer
Traps set to monitor the movement of the emerald ash borer have detected the beetle in two additional Illinois counties, DeWitt and Stark counties. Both detections occurred in rural areas. In DeWitt County, the beetle was discovered between Clinton Lake and the McLean County border. In Stark, it was trapped near Toulon.

Index 2011
An index by subject area for the 2011 issues is provided.