No. 5/May 22, 2009

May Beetles
Adult May beetles are very numerous in southern Illinois. They can be a problem to ornamental trees and shrubs as well as having a delayed impact on turfgrass.

Emerald Ash Borer Control
A new publication, co-authored by entomologists from several midwestern universities, has been produced on control recommendations for emerald ash borer (EAB).

Stressed Yews
A few samples of stressed yews have arrived at the Plant Clinic this season. Callers also have been concerned about their yews. Clients complain that they are seeing branch tip dieback, often scattered throughout the established plants

Pine Wilt
Large pines (15-20 years old) that have suddenly turned gray-green, then brown, may possibly be affected by pine wilt.

Crabapple Scab Note
The lengthy cool, wet conditions have resulted in more than the normal amount of crabapple scab this year.

Have You Seen The Purple Traps?
The Illinois Department of Agriculture, United States Department of Agriculture and other cooperators are using purple sticky traps to aid in the detection of the emerald ash borer.