No. 11/July 11, 2011

Biweekly Issues
During July, August, and September, the Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter will be published every other week rather than weekly

Scouting Report
Bagworms and white grubs are discussed this week.

Japanese Beetle
Japanese beetle adults are present throughout the state. We appreciate the sighting reports that several of you have provided. Although obvious in east central Illinois, the numbers do not seem to be very large.

The Thin Green Line--Windbreak Advice
A windbreak protects its homestead from the too prevailing wind. Part forest, part engineering feat, a triple row of evergreens stands at its core. Their failure exposes the buildings to leeward; their health is vital to achieving shelter. Several species of windbreak trees are discussed.

Update on Possible Herbicide Injury to Spruce and White Pine
Over the last month, several States have now reported evergreen injury (mainly spruce and white pine) due to either herbicide or environmental factors.