No. 9/June 17, 2011

Burrowing Sod Webworm
Burrowing sod webworm has been reported in a couple of locations during the past week. In neither location was there obvious damage. The damage it causes is similar to that caused by other sod webworms in that the larva feeds on grass blades at night, causing indistinct brownish turf areas due to thatch showing.

Scouting Report
Information is provided on bagworms, periodical cicadas, and fourlined plant bug.

Wet Weather Turf Pests
The heavy rainfall this spring has resulted in higher numbers of some insects and insect relatives than normal. These conditions are also conducive to high numbers of crayfish, millipedes, centipedes, sowbugs, springtails, fungus gnats, slugs, and earwigs.

Avoiding and Handling Chemical Injury to Non-target Plants
Well, it is June and the curled and yellowed leaves have started to arrive at the U of I Plant Clinic. Puzzle pieces then have to be put together by me and other diagnosticians to determine if nearby pesticide (often herbicide) applications are possibly to blame for the injured plants that are dead, yellowed, curled, etc.

My Tree is Stressed!
Stress is caused by a difference between what a plant requires from its environment, and what is available to it. Stress makes trees vulnerable to pests, such as borers, and pathogens, such as cankers. It is a factor in all but the most virulent conditions.