No. 8/June 13, 2011

Periodical Cicada
Large numbers of periodical cicadas were observed to be dead and dying in the Decatur area on June 9. There was still a large amount of male singing and mating was still occurring, but females were also starting to lay eggs. If you have not yet provided protection to young trees, it is time to do so.

Japanese Beetle
Japanese beetle adults were found in Madison County on June 10 by Mike Roegge, Extension Educator. This is a little early for them to appear in the St. Louis area, although they are usually first found in southern Illinois in mid-June. Based on this observation, they are likely to appear in central Illinois during the third week of June and in northern Illinois at the end of June and early July.

Trees/Shrubs Seen at the U of I Plant Clinic due to Site Stress
Hello, my tree has a problem. Now what can I do to fix it? What can I spray on the tree to make it better? These are common questions coming into the U of I Plant Clinic on a daily basis. We encourage clients to send a sample, so that we can make a diagnosis, and provide management recommendations. But, what if the problem is not related to a disease or insect? Now what? Well, there may not be many options to correct the problem, because it just might be that the tree or shrub has problems because of the site in which they are planted.