No. 5/May 23, 2011

Scouting Watch
Several borers and scale insects are susceptible to control at this time of year.

Red Pine Sawfly
We have received a couple of reports of heavy feeding on loblolly and Eastern white pine in Harrisburg and Vienna in southeastern Illinois by what appears to be red pine sawfly larvae, Neodiprion nanulus nanulus. Large numbers of white worms are being reported on the foliage and trunks of the trees.

CIA (Cerceris Identification and Awareness) for EAB
The Morton Arboretum is cooperating with the US Forest Service to explore the feasibility of using a native, non-stinging, ground-nesting wasp, Cerceris fumipennis, to locate emerald ash borer infestations.

To Be Organic, or not to Be Organic, with Your Veggies and Manage Disease, That Is the Question?
We have had several "organic" vegetable samples submitted to the U of I Plant Clinic, due to the wet and favorable conditions for disease. All veggies (organic and conventional) can be susceptible to a plant pathogen (if it is present), and with just the right environmental conditions one can unfortunately get diseased plants!