No. 14/August 13, 2010

Moths Numerous
Celery leaftier moths are very numerous in central and northern Illinois. These moths are brownish and about one-quarter inch long. Their wings form a triangular shape when they are at rest.

The rabbit species that primarily causes damage to trees and shrubs in Illinois is the Eastern cottontail. Cottontails cause serious damage to shrubs and small trees by stripping off the bark during the winter.

White Grubs
White grub damage to turf typically appears in the second half of August, continuing into October. Damage will appear as wilted, light tan turf in which the sod is easily pulled up. In heavily damaged areas, the turf can be rolled back like a carpet.

Invasive Plant, Pest & Disease Awareness: Do you know the part you play in environmental defense?
The USDA has announced that August is officially 'Invasive Plant, Pest, and Disease Awareness Month' in an attempt to increase public awareness of these invasive organisms and the threats they pose. More and more invasive species are being discovered and the problems they pose are serious.