No. 3/May 7, 2010

Scouting Watch
Several insects you should be watchful for are highlighted this week.

Mite Leaf Galls
There are a number of eriophyid mite species that cause galls on trees at this time of year. Generally, these mites spend the winter under bud scales, then leaving the buds to attack expanding leaves.

Armored Scale Insects
There are a number of armored scale insects that are producing crawlers at this time of year in Illinois. Crawlers are the first stage nymphs and are very susceptible to contact insecticide sprays.

Purple EAB Traps are Back
Illinois Department of Agriculture personnel, USDA personnel, and others have been installing the large purple emerald ash borer traps over the last few weeks.

Problems with Verticillium Wilt?
Verticillium wilt knows no age barrier, killing plants ranging from tomato to mature maples. The fungus causes a tell-tale vascular streaking in the stems and roots of infected plants.

Anthracnose Vs Environmental Stress
Anthracnose fungi invade in wet conditions. In the mid-section of the state, weather has been rather dry. On the other hand, infection only requires several hours of leaf wetness, so anthracnose is certainly a possibility.

May is Invasive Species Awareness Month in Illinois
The Illinois Invasive Plant Species Council is declaring May to be Invasive Species Awareness Month. The Council along with many conservation organizations and agencies in Illinois are working together to promote awareness of the impact of invasive species to Illinois' diverse landscape.

Bee Careful, Those Critters Might be More Important than You Realize
Recently, honey bees have come under a great deal of stress due to a relatively new malady called colony collapse disorder (CCD). First reported in 2006, CCD is characterized by a sudden disappearance of most of the worker bees in a hive, leaving only the queen and a few attendants.