No. 14/October 22, 2021

Leave Overwintering Habitat for Beneficial Insects This Fall!
Holding off on some fall clean up in the home landscape can provide essential overwintering habitat for beneficial insects and beloved native species like lacewings, solitary bees and fritillary butterflies! Here are some of the habitats these insects can benefit from:

Late Fall Still a Good Time for Weed Control
The temperatures are finally turning cooler and many of us gardeners may be secretly hoping for a frost to end this growing season. But with the changing temperatures and seasons, we tend to have a change in weed species present. It’s time for our cool season annual weeds to germinate and I’ve seen an abundance of henbit and common chickweed germinating in Central Illinois. Additionally, our cool season perennial weeds are actively growing this time of year.

September and October 2021 Plant Clinic Sample Summary
Summary of ornamental, fruit, and vegetable samples diagnosed September 1 through Oct. 15 at the University of Illinois Plant Clinic.

Last Issue for 2021
This is the last issue of the Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter for this year. We plan to publish the first issue of 2021 in mid-April. As always, your suggestions for improving this newsletter are welcome. Thanks for your interest and input this year.

Index 2021
The following is an index to the pests and other topics addressed in the 2021 issues of the Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter. Each Item is followed by the issue number in which it appeared.