No. 2/May 1, 2009

Newsletter Update
The Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter is up and running at its new location on the World Wide Web. Please update your browser bookmarks accordingly.

Scouting Watch
It is time to treat for lilac or ash borer, scurfy scale, and the brown race of oystershell scale on common lilacs in the southern part of the state.

Gypsy Moth
Gypsy moth continues to spread and to increase in Illinois. Lake, Cook, DuPage, and McHenry counties are all under quarantine.

European Pine Sawfly
European pine sawfly has hatched throughout Illinois. The larvae appear similar to green caterpillars with dark green stripes and large black heads, growing to about one inch long.

Rhizosphaera and Swiss Needle Casts
Rhizosphaera needle cast is primarily a problem on landscape spruce trees, primarily Colorado blue spruce. Swiss needle cast is a common problem on Douglas-fir trees in plantations and forests, especially in wet regions.

Boxwood Bane
Many boxwood plants in Illinois (especially northern counties) have suffered the last two winters. Several suggestions are offered.

Arborvitae Mystery
Arborvitae plants sometimes develop areas of black foliage, that we believe is a physiological response to environmental stress.

Invasive Species Spotlight--Garlic Mustard
Garlic mustard in an exotic, invasive plant that was originally brought the United States by early settlers. It is widely distributed throughout Illinois and can be found in forested areas, roadsides, and ditches.