No. 15/September 12, 2018

Getting to Know Common Wasps
Throughout the summer you may encounter many different types of wasps. These wasps can look similar at first glance but they often have very different natural histories and behaviors. While one wasp species might be aggressive and sting, another may be more interested in the food you're serving at your family picnic or the juicy spiders in your garden. The following descriptions are intended to help landscape professionals and gardeners identify a few common wasps and determine whether they require control or may be neutral or beneficial in your shared space.

Do Not Let Weeds Go to Seed
It is late in the growing season. Many plants (and gardeners including myself) are running out of speed and ambition. I have heard a few say that they are tired of what has been blooming all summer and they are ready for a change or ready for the cold weather to hit. This growing season may be coming to a close, but I can assure you that many weeds are still happily growing. 

Tar Spots of Maple
Tar spots have been evident on many species of maple. The disease has been especially widespread in the northern portion of the state. Several different fungi in the genus Rhytisma cause this disease. Tar spot results in raised, black spots on the upper surfaces of affected leaves. The symptoms are distinct, allowing for easy field diagnosis.

Buying the Correct Personal Protective Equipment
Permeation, degradation, and breakthrough time are all specific criteria to consider when searching for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Pesticide applicators often work with many different types of pesticide formulations and numerous adjuvants. Routine day-day work tasks result in an increased risk of exposure to these chemicals. To reduce exposure, we need to use personal protective equipment that is compatible with the chemicals that we are applying. Since PPE is made from various materials and manufactured using different processes, it is essential to understand the chemical compatibility of the materials.