No. 17/October 16, 2017

Last Issue for 2017
This is the last issue of the Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter for this year. We plan on publishing the first issue of 2018 in mid-April. As always, your suggestions for improving this newsletter are welcome.

Field Guide to Herbicide Injury on Landscape Plants
Distinguishing herbicide injury from other causes of abnormalities on landscape plants can be challenging.  With the Field Guide to Herbicide Injury on Landscape Plants you'll have in your pocket the details you need to troubleshoot and diagnose herbicide injury problems. This extensive guide presents over 200 color photographs of several herbicide families with images of vegetables, annuals, and herbaceous and woody perennials.

Pollinator Protection in Turfgrass
The National Turfgrass Insect Workshop is an opportunity for university entomologists in the area of turfgrass insect research and extension to meet about every 18 months. At the most recent conference in August 2016, it was decided that representatives of the group would generate guidelines on the use of turfgrass insecticides to help protect pollinating insects. The result of that effort was published earlier this year as Best Management Practices for Turf Care and Pollinator Conservation by the North Central IPM Center.

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