No. 16/September 25, 2017

Late Season Caterpillars
In late summer, it is common in Illinois to have an abundance of defoliating caterpillars on trees. Deciduous trees can cope with this damage relatively well; the loss of leaves this late in the season has little effect on tree health. For this reason, control is usually not necessary.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Activity Increasing
Brown marmorated stink bug is well established in several urban areas of Illinois. We've starting getting several reports a day out of many of these areas. BMSB was first confirmed in Illinois in 2010. Since then, we have seen populations continue to increase. Throughout the last seven years, you've seen countless articles monitoring its spread and detailing its potential effects as an invasive pest.

Apple Scab Prevention for 2018
Apple Scab is an extremely common fungal disease of apple and crabapple caused by the pathogen Venturia inaequalis. Symptoms first appear as olive green spots on the foliage. The spots often form along or near the leaf veins, eventually developing a dark, velvety appearance. Infected leaves also may appear curled or puckered. By mid-summer, infected leaves turn yellow, and prematurely drop from the tree.