No. 13/August 15, 2017

Test Now for Bacterial Leaf Scorch
Bacterial Leaf Scorch (BLS) is a serious infectious disease with a wide host range of trees and shrubs. The disease causes the slow decline of the host, resulting in host death.

White Grubs
Japanese beetles and masked chafer adults are attracted to moist soils and, apparently, to green grass to lay their eggs. In years when rainfall is abundant, nonirrigated (as well as irrigated) turf stays green and attractive to egg-laying female beetles. As a result, eggs are laid over all of these areas, resulting in fewer eggs laid per square foot.

Sod Webworm
The hot, dry weather we are experiencing is conducive for sod webworms in non-irrigated turf. High temperatures result in shorter generation times, allowing more generations and higher population numbers. Dry soils reduce the infection rate of naturally-occurring microsporidia that usually help keep larval numbers low.