No. 10/July 5, 2017

Last Weekly Issue
This is the last weekly issue of the Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter for this year. We will publish every other week through July, August, and September with a final issue in October. Insect, weed, and disease problems arise in rapid succession during the first half of the growing season, making weekly issues necessary.

Hosta Virus X
I am always looking for new and interesting hostas to add to my collection. However, whether I am shopping at a garden center, or offered a hosta from a neighbor's garden, I am always on the wary and on the lookout for Hosta Virus X (HVX. Unfortunately, symptoms of HVX can be quite difficult to recognize. To complicate things further, some infected plants may be asymptomatic, and not display indications of a HVX infection. As a result, that hosta you are looking to acquire may also be harboring HVX. Do not abandon your hosta collection. Rather, use caution when introducing new hostas to your garden.

Thistle Problems
I have seen large populations of Canada thistle this summer. It is a noxious weed in Illinois and in most states meaning that its control is required by law. If Canada thistle is growing on land that you own or manage, you are required to control it.

White Grubs
This is a good time to observe the abundance and activity of white grub adults. This knowledge along with rainfall patterns is useful in making treatment decisions over the coming months. Japanese beetle and masked chafer adults primarily lay their eggs during the first two weeks of July in central and northern Illinois. Egg-laying is finishing in southern Illinois, making this a good time to write some notes about this year's adult numbers and weather conditions.