No. 9/June 22, 2015

Japanese Beetle
Japanese beetle adults are present throughout Illinois. Robert Bellm, Extension Educator, reported their presence in southern Illinois, and Martha Smith, Extension Educator, reported them in northwestern Illinois.

Rotten Weather and Root Rots
With all the wet weather we're having, it's no surprise that we've been seeing a number of root rots at the Plant Clinic. There are two basic groups of root rots: seedling root rots and damping-off, and root nibblers that usually affect mature plants.

Powdery Mildews of Ornamentals
Powdery mildews are a group of common fungal diseases that affect woody and herbaceous ornamentals, as well as vegetable and fruit crops. There are hundreds of species of fungi that may cause powdery mildew on various hosts. They are generally host-specific and only infect plants from the same genus or family.