No. 13/August 25, 2014

Oak Wilt
Oak wilt is a devastating fungal disease that essentially plugs up the vascular system and disrupts the water and nutrient flow within oak trees. The disease progresses quickly, killing mature trees in the red oak group within one season.

Christmas Tree Pest Manual
The newly published third edition of the Christmas Tree Pest Manual is now available. The first edition was published in 1983 and soon became the go-to guide for insects and mites that attack conifers in the Midwestern and northeastern U.S. It also addresses diseases and environmental problems. The new third edition is likely to continue that excellence.

Pine Bark Adelgid
Pine bark adelgid, also known as pine bark aphid, is common this year, particularly in western Illinois. It feeds primarily on the sap of twigs, branches, and trunk of Eastern white pine. It also attacks Scotch and Austrian pines as well as spruces. Very large infestations can kill trees.

Sod Webworm
Sod webworm moths are common at this time in turf and around lights. In dry areas of the state, scout for sod webworms and their damage in nonirrigated turf.

Lesser Known "Weeds" -- Fireweed
Erechtites hieracifolia (L.) Raf. ex DC. is commonly known as fireweed, pilewort, American burnweed, or simply Erechtites.  Although it has been found in most Illinois counties, it's not a very common plant to most and because it's not easily recognized by many, it is often referred to as being a mystery weed.