No. 12/August 11, 2014

Bacterial Leaf Scorch (BLS): What You Need to Know and How to Get It Tested
Bacterial leaf scorch (BLS) is an infectious disease caused by bacterium Xylella fastidiosa that spreads systemically and causes a slow decline and death of the tree. The disease affects many species of trees and shrubs.

Emerald Ash Borer
Emerald ash borer has been found recently near Dunlap and in Peoria in Peoria County. It has also been found recently in Minier in Tazewell County. Peoria and Tazewell counties are just outside of the present quarantine boundary, so it will be expanded to include those counties.

Japanese Beetle
Populations of adult Japanese beetle continue to be light in most of Illinois. Although leaf feeding damage on linden, crabapple, rose, and other trees and shrubs is obvious in some areas, the amount of damage is less than in most years and not as widespread.

Spruce Bud Scale
We have been seeing more spruce bud scale problems this year in Illinois. It is well-named, as the scale is located at the base of twigs and is similar in appearance to swollen buds. Mature scales are reddish-brown and rounded, about one-eighth inch in diameter. They commonly are coated with a whitish bloom.