No. 1/April 17, 2009

Newsletter Changes
The Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter is changing to an Internet only publication that is free of charge.

Scouting Watch
The prime phenology plant at this time of year for insect pests is saucer magnolia, Magnolia X soulangiana.

Japanese Beetle
Tips for early season control of Japanese beetles are discussed.

Spring and fall cankerworms are feeding at this time throughout Illinois.

Spruce Spidermite
Spruce spidermite and its needled evergreen relatives such as pine mite and juniper mite are active and feeding in the spring.

Plant Clinic Still Going Strong
Despite rumors to the contrary, the Plant Clinic at the University of Illinois will be opening again this season.

Cedar-Apple and Related Rusts
Several common rusts of Illinois edible apple and crabapple fruits are discussed.

Spring Clean-up for Plant Disease Management
As we look around the landscape now we see fresh, new growth emerging. There is not a great deal in the way of disease problems at present. To help keep it that way longer, try some of these common sense spring clean-up tips.