Issue 1, April 20, 2015

First Issue for 2015

This is the first issue of the University of Illinois Extension Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter for 2015. It is written to keep professional landscapers, arborists, golf course superintendents, lawn care personnel, and garden center operators up-to-date on the commercial management of diseases, weeds, insects, and other pests. We will report on the pests we are seeing and anticipating throughout Illinois. To assist us in these efforts, we ask for your help in reporting pest situations as you see them through the year.  

Our main authors are plant pathologists Travis Cleveland (, Suzanne Bissonette (, and Diane Plewa (, weed scientist Michelle Wiesbrook (, and entomologists Kelly Estes ( and Phil Nixon (

We plan on publishing 17 issues this year. The next issue will be in two weeks, followed by weekly issues through the third week of June, with issues every other week in July, August, and September into mid-October. The last issue in mid-October will contain an index to 2015 issues. The web site contains several years of back issues with a search function as well as indexes in the final issue of each year. (Phil Nixon)

Phil Nixon

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