Issue 7, June 6, 2011

New University of Illinois Plant Clinic Web Site and Podcasts

The new University of Illinois Plant Clinic web site was recently launched. This web site will provide a history of the Plant Clinic, a list of services offered by the Plant Clinic, help with sample submission, easy access to plant data forms, directions to the Plant Clinic, and staff contact information.

The U of I Plant Clinic address is provided at the top of our web site and this is where samples can be either dropped off or sent via mail or by other shipping method. Please note that our address will change in the future, as we will be moving to another location. Stay tuned for additional details.There are 9 tabs on the new U of I Plant Clinic web site and they consist of the following information:

About Us: Here you will find a short history of the U of I Plant Clinic, examples of services that we have provided throughout the years, as well as information about how we have collaborated with several U of I campus specialists to help with accurate diagnosis.

Our Services: This is where you will find a list of the services that the Plant Clinic provides, as well as a list of techniques that we use to provide plant diagnosis.

Our Fees: Here you will find our fee schedule. You can also find information on how to pay by check for a sample. Checks should be made payable to the University of Illinois or to the Plant Clinic.

Submit a Sample: If you are not sure how to collect or submit a sample to the U of I Plant Clinic, be sure and click on this tab! This tab provides information on plant, nematode, and insect specimen collection and submission.

Sample Forms: Here you can find our U of I Plant Clinic sample forms! One of the appropriate sample forms should accompany every sample that is submitted, supplying client and sample information!

Find Us: If you would like to drop off a sample, but are not sure how to find our location, you should click on the "Find Us" tab. Here, you will find our address, directions, and a map to the U of I Plant Clinic.

Contact Us: Go to this tab to locate contact information for the Plant Clinic staff: Stephanie Porter, Visiting Plant Diagnostic Outreach Specialist - Crop Sciences and Suzanne Bissonnette, Plant Diagnostic Clinic and IPM coordinator. We are always happy to answer questions, as it can avoid confusion in the long run.

Other Resources: We will try and keep this tab updated with newsletters, videos, publications, web sites, and books that may help you with your pest management needs.

Hot Topics: At this tab, we currently have web resources for invasive pests that you may have questions about, such as: Asian Longhorned Beetle, Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Emerald Ash Borer, Sudden Oak Death (SOD), Soybean Rust, and Thousand Cankers Disease.

In the very top right corner of the U of I Plant Clinic web site, you have easy access to:

U of I Plant Clinic Facebook Page

U of I Plant Clinic Blog

Illini Plant and Pest Podcasts

The Illini Plant and Pest Podcasts provide audio updates on current pest issues!

Be sure and bookmark the U of I Plant Clinic and Illini Plant and Pest Podcast web sites on your computer! (Stephanie Porter)

Stephanie Porter

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