Issue 6, May 31, 2011

Periodical Cicada

Periodical cicadas have emerged in those areas of the southern half of Illinois where it was expected. This is the Great Southern Brood, Marlatt's XIX, which is a thirteen year brood. An extensive article was published in the May 2, 2011 Issue 2 of this newsletter.

The male cicadas sing for two to three weeks, which is when mating occurs. After two to three weeks, the males die, and the females then start laying most of their eggs. Protect young trees with trunk diameters of two inches and smaller with tubes of hardware cloth. The screening should be one-quarter inch mesh or smaller in order to exclude the cicadas. Make sure that the mesh is tight against the tree at the top and bottom. As periodical cicadas primarily crawl upwards, be particularly attentive to the bottom of the collar. The mesh tubes should stand away from the trunk so that cicadas are unable to stick their ovipositors through the mesh and into the tree. (Phil Nixon)

Phil Nixon

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