Issue 7, June 4, 2010

Emerald Ash Borer Treatments

The recent discoveries of additional infestations of emerald ash borer in Illinois and surrounding states have increased concern among tree owners of the need to treat their ash trees with insecticide to protect them from this pest. Part of this concern arises from no known cases of survival of untreated ash trees when attacked by this insect. Over 100 million trees have died from attack by emerald ash borer.

University of Illinois Extension, as well as other midwestern state Extension services, does not recommend the preventative insecticidal treatment of emerald ash borer unless it has been found within 15 miles of that location. This distance is based on how far the insect flies under normal and outbreak situations, the likelihood of new infestations not being discovered in an area for up to six years, and a large margin of error. Even trees that are treated after becoming infested have a high percentage of survival.

The most effective way to reduce the spread of emerald ash borer is to only use firewood that was cut within 50 miles of your location. When vacationing, use locally-produced firewood and do not bring any of it back with you. When purchasing firewood, look for the USDA firewood certification stamp which will be on each certified firewood bundle.

Information about emerald ash borer and recommendations for its treatment are available on the IPM web site.

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Phil Nixon

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