Issue 11, September 28, 2020

Ornamentals Manual Revised

The Illinois Pesticide Safety Education Program’s Ornamentals Manual (SP39-3) has been updated for 2020 and is now available on the University of Illinois Extension PubsPlus storefront (  Each copy of the manual costs $15 plus shipping and handling.

Guignardia Leaf Blotch

The Ornamentals Manual is tailored to the needs of commercial applicators managing ornamental plants in landscapes, nurseries and greenhouses and can be used for study or quick reference.  The new version of the manual includes updated information on integrated pest management practices, diseases, insects, weeds, equipment, and calibration unique to ornamental areas.  The manual includes color images of common pests and diseases, as well as, tables and keys to help identify pests based on pest appearance and signs of injury present on plants.

The Ornamental Manual is intended for commercial and non-commercial applicators who are preparing for their Ornamental Pest certification exam offered by Illinois Department of Agriculture.

Sarah Hughson

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