Issue 2, May 7, 2019

Mowing Safety

As the season begins for mowing be sure to keep these things in mind to ensure a safe completed job. 

When you begin to prepare a field, lawn or turf to mow, you should consider these steps.

Step 1. Check the surroundings for any items that may interrupt or damage your mower, and these include- sports equipment, sticks, toys, dog bones, wire, rocks, and other foreign objects.  Some items may be hidden in the tall grass. Before mowing, walk through to find any objects that could obstruct the mower. 

Step 2. Mark the potential hazards or fixed objects.  Especially if this is a new area, it is best to put out a flag near those objects so that those items won’t cause damage to the mower.  Running into objects like rocks or tree stumps can cause a blade to splinter and throw metal from the discharge chute.  It can also cause the blades to bend or the crank shaft to bend leading to a costly mistake. 

Step 3. We often criticize that customers do not have at the right plant in place, but we as landscape professionals need to use the right kind of equipment for the job. Be sure to check the operator’s manual for the type of work your equipment is designed to do. If using smaller mower size or capacity, it can cause early wear or even damage to the lawn you are managing.

Step 4. Be sure to check and service your mower more frequently for heavy use within a season. This maintenance includes sharpening the blades.   Make sure you are keeping them sharp and have heavy duty blades on when necessary.  Maintaining the service will allow for grass to be cut uniformly and reduces your time to mow. 

Step 5. Do not allow others into the area in which you are working.  Objects thrown from the mowers, blowers, weed eaters or edgers are coming at a fast velocity and can pierce the body, ding vehicles or siding on houses.  There should not be additional riders on the mower/tractor. Most mowers/tractors only have a seat for one and cannot hold another rider or a seat belt.   Be sure to wear ear and eye protection.

Step 6.  Clean your equipment in between jobs.  Keeping equipment clean will ensure that you are not spreading disease or weed seeds from place to place. 

Maria Turner

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