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Japanese Beetle Update and Hosts

July 10, 2008

We have received a number of reports of Japanese beetle emergence, most from readers of this newsletter. Thanks for your response. Additional reports are not needed unless infestations are uncharacteristicly high or low. Japanese beetle adults have emerged throughout the state, as we have reports from northern locations including Cook, DuPage, Boone, and Winnebago counties, as well as the central and southern Illinois counties of McLean, Tazewell, Adams, Champaign, DeWitt, Edgar, Jasper, and Richland.

There have been no reports of high beetle numbers. In fact, more reports through July 2 indicated only very low numbers of beetles, typically sightings on only one or two beetles. As a result, we are still in a holding pattern regarding predictions of damage from adult beetles or their larvae. The next couple of weeks should reveal what the Japanese beetle population will be this year in various areas of the state.

Author: Phil Nixon


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