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Emerald Ash Borer

June 24, 2008

Emerald ash borer has been found for the first time in Chicago. It was found on the near south side at 29th and State Street across from the Illinois Institute of Technology campus. Expect additional finds in many parts of northeastern Illinois over the next few weeks. There are enough infested trees in widely spaced locations that we expect additional finds between and near these locations.

EAB-infested tree, Chicago.

The Chicago trees were large, with dbh’s of about 18 inches. Foliage crowns were thinly foliated, and there were many water sprouts on the bases of the lower branches. However, there were almost no emergence holes on the lower 10 feet of the tree trunks. Based on the amount of damage and emergence holes, the infestation had probably been there for about 4 years.

EAB adult and emergence hole.

On June 19, some of the first adult emerald ash borer beetles were emerging at this Chicago location. This means that beetles have emerged anywhere in Illinois where infested ash trees are located. So far, no infestations have been found outside the quarantined area of the state, which extends to the north from just a few miles south of Interstate 80 and east of a line a few miles west of Peru and Rockford.

Author: Phil Nixon


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