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May 6, 2008

There are a few new, or nearly new, disease publications that I have found very helpful and want to pass along to the readers. The book that is most helpful to me in diagnosing woody plant diseases is Diseases of Trees and Shrubs by Sinclair and Lyon. If you donít have the second edition, try to obtain a copy. The pictures alone are worth the cost of this book. The reference is Sinclair, W. A., and H. H. Lyon. 2nd ed., 2005. Diseases of Trees and Shrubs. Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY. 660 pp.

A new pocket guide is available for scouting perennials. I like this publication, too: Byrne, Jan, and R. A. Cloyd. 2007. A Pocket Guide for IPM Scouting in Herbaceous Perennials. Michigan State University Extension Bulletin E-2981. (517)-353-6740. http://www.emdc.msue.msu.edu. 105 pp. Many of you may know Raymond Cloyd, an entomologist at Kansas State University (formerly at U of I). Jan Byrne, a plant pathologist at MSU, is the chief diagnostician in the MSU plant clinic.

This manual is a much needed remake of a very helpful manual: Christmas Tree Pest Manual, 2nd ed. USDA Forest Service (originally 1983), but published by Michigan State University Extension Bulletin Office as Bulletin E-0000. 143 pages, including 250 color images. This manual covers insects, diseases, injury by animals, and abiotic problems.

New in 2007, this handbook is much more than the name implies. It includes 448 pages, with over 600 color images on vegetable diseases. Try Vegetable Diseases: A Color Handbook by Steven T. Koike, Peter Gladders, and Albert O. Paulus. (ISBN 978-0-12373-675-8, item no. 36758.) This can be ordered from APS press.

Finally, I often mention APS press. APS is the American Phytopathological Society, the folks who work with plant diseases. The publishing branch is called APS press. For a list of their offerings, check out their Web site at http://www.shopapspress.org/. Sometimes you can get discounts if you purchase through member organizations such as the Illinois Arborists Association or Illinois Nursery Association.

Author: Nancy Pataky


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