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Plant Clinic Staff Thanks You

November 20, 2007

I want to take this opportunity to thank our clients for their support this season. As many of you are aware, the clinic is open from May 1 through mid-September, when most outdoor plant problems occur. We are able to offer limited lab help to commercial concerns during the off-season, especially to our greenhouse growers. The Plant Clinic had a very productive season in 2007, and we appreciate the well-prepared samples, supporting information and images, and patience when cultures were slow to grow. The clinic processed 2,303 plant samples in 2007, a volume we had not reached since 1998.

Often the commercial green industry is most interested in laboratory isolations to test for vascular wilt pathogens. In the 2007 season, 57 oak samples were cultured for possible oak wilt infection. Fortunately, only 10 of those were positive for oak wilt. The 57 samples were submitted from 20 different Illinois counties. Also in 2007, 22 elm samples (representing 6 counties) were submitted for Dutch elm disease testing. Twelve of those were positive. There were 48 samples (representing 18 counties) tested for Verticillium wilt. Verticillium was isolated from Japanese maple, three-flowered maple, amur maple, Norway maple, boxwood, magnolia, redbud, and fragrant sumac.

We look forward to helping with your plant diagnostic needs in 2008. Watch the Plant Clinic Web site, http://plantclinic.cropsci.uiuc.edu/, for helpful information and links.

Author: Nancy Pataky


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