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April 25, 2007

With the last couple of weeks of cold weather, most insects will not be developing. Insect pests to watch for are the same as those reported in the last issue of this newsletter.

Bumble flower beetles have been noticed in several areas of northern and central Illinois swarming low to the ground.

Bumble flower beetles are scarab beetles in the genus Euphoria. Their larvae look like the white grubs found in turf but feed on rotting wood, manure, mulch, compost, and other decaying vegetation. The adult beetles make a buzzing sound as they fly, causing them to be easily confused with bumblebees. These beetles do not sting or cause any other serious harm to people. Bumble flower beetle adults are commonly found on flowers, feeding on pollen and petals. They can damage grapes and other fruit later in the season.

Author: Phil Nixon


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