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First Issue for 2007

April 11, 2007

This is the first issue of the Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter for 2007. We will have 20 issues, biweekly during April, followed by weekly issues from May into early July. From July through September, the schedule switches back to biweekly, finishing up with monthly issues in October and November. This schedule is meant to provide issues when pest-management decisions are most critical.

This newsletter is for professional horticulturists, including landscapers, arborists, nurserymen, Christmas tree growers, golf-course superintendents, sod growers, lawn-care operators, and garden-center operators. Each issue will focus primarily on the diseases and insect pests that are prevalent or are likely to be prevalent throughout the state. Occasionally, there will also be weed articles.

Realize that Illinois is 400 miles long from Cairo to Rockford. As the spring progresses, insect pests and many diseases become prevalent a month earlier in the southern part of the state than in the northern. Similarly, pests may be present a month later in the fall in southern Illinois. We will try to indicate where pests are occurring so that you can determine when they are likely to appear in your part of the state.

The authors welcome sightings of pests, particularly ones that we may be less likely to be aware of. With the primary authors located in Urbana, we may not be aware of something happening far away from us. The authors are also open to comments about the articles in the newsletter. The author's name is given at the end of the each article. Contact information for the authors is given at the end of the print version of the newsletter. Click on the author's name at the end of the article in the online version of the newsletter to contact the author via e-mail.

Author: Phil Nixon


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