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New Miticides for Outdoor Production Systems

September 12, 2005
Shuttle and Judo are two new miticides for use in field and container nurseries to control spider mites, including twospotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae) and spruce spider mite (Oligonychus ununguis).

Shuttle is a miticide also available from Arvesta Corporation (San Francisco, CA). The active ingredient is acequinocyl. The miticide is formulated as a 15% soluble concentrate (SC). Shuttle is primarily active on twospotted spider mite. This miticide works strictly by contact activity, controlling all mite life stages, including eggs. It is fast-acting and provides long-residual control. The mode of action is similar to that of fenpyroximate (Akari) and pyridaben (Sanmite); all three materials are mitochondria electron-transport inhibitors (METIs). However, whereas both Akari and Sanmite work in blocking electron transfer at Complex I in the mitochondria, Shuttle binds to the Qo center of Complex III, causing inhibition of electron transfer. Regardless, it is still important to avoid using any one of these three in succession in a rotation program. Research conducted at the University of Illinois has demonstrated that Shuttle is extremely effective in controlling twospotted spider mite 28 days after a single application.

Judo is available from OHP Inc. (Bradenton, FL), formerly Olympic Horticultural Products, and contains the active ingredient spiromesifen. The product is formulated as a flowable (suspension concentrate) containing 4.0 lb of active ingredient per gallon or 480 grams active ingredient per liter. Judo has a unique mode of action compared to the other insecticide/miticides currently available. The active ingredient works as a lipid biosynthesis inhibitor. Lipids are a group of compounds made up of carbon and hydrogen. They include fatty acids, oils, and waxes. Lipid molecules are responsible for a number of functions such as cell structure in membranes and sources of energy. No other commercially available product has this mode of action. Judo is similar to pyridaben (Sanmite) in terms of target pests, with activity on both mites (twospotted spider mite) and whiteflies. The material is active on all life stages—even the eggs—of both mites and whiteflies. The label rate is 2 to 4 oz per 100 gal. Judo has translaminar properties providing up to 30 days of residual activity, similar to other miticides, including hexythiazox (Hexygon), bifenazate (Floramite), and abamectin (Avid). The restricted-entry interval (REI) is 12 hours. Our research at the U of I has shown that one application of Judo is very effective in controlling twospotted spider mite for up to 14 days.