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Allectus: A New Insecticide for Turfgrass and Landscape Ornamental Pests

June 1, 2005
Allectus, an insecticide from Bayer CropScience (Montvale, NJ), has received federal registration and is now commercially available. This insecticide contains both imidacloprid and bifenthrin as the active ingredients. There are two formulations of Allectus: a granular (GC) with 0.20% imidacloprid and 0.16% bifenthrin, which is registered for use in golf courses and sod farms; and a soluble concentrate (SC) with 5.0% imidacloprid and 4.0% bifenthrin, which is labeled for use in turfgrass and landscapes of residential lawns, commercial, industrial, institutional, and recreational areas including athletic fields and parks (but not labeled for use on golf courses and sod farms). Allectus is a systemic insecticide, primarily due to the presence of imidacloprid, which is translocated upward through the plantsí vascular system. This insecticide can be applied either as a foliar spray or a soil drench. Foliar sprays offer local systemic activity against many insect pests. For woody plants, applications should be made before pests are present to achieve optimum control.

Allectus is labeled for a wide range of turfgrass and ornamental pests. Turfgrass pests on the GC label include black turfgrass ataenius, Japanese beetle, northern masked chafer, oriental beetle, southern masked chafer, armyworm, cutworm, and sod webworm. Ornamental pests on the SC label include scale crawlers, plant bugs, flea beetles, thrips, bagworms, fall webworms, aphids, Japanese beetle (adults), lace bugs, whiteflies, and leafhoppers.

For more information, consult the Bayer CropScience Web site (BayerProCentral.com).