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Illinois Launches Sudden Oak Death/P. ramorum Blight Web Site

May 25, 2005

We’re happy to announce the “birth” of a new University of Illinois Web site, http://pramorum.cropsci.uiuc.edu, which summarizes and consolidates the sudden oak death/P. ramorum blight information as it pertains to Illinois. Although P. ramorum has not been identified in Illinois, the threat of its introduction remains real. This Web site provides general information, diagnostic assistance and screening questions, answers to frequently asked questions, a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, and a link to the “Illinois Sudden Oak Death/Phytophthora ramorum Blight Detection and Response Plan.” Most importantly, this Web site points to a rich collection of disease symptom images on a wide range of host plants.

In the April 6 issue of this newsletter, Nancy Pataky provided a update regarding sudden oak death/P. ramorum blight and our activities over the past year. University of Illinois Extension is prepared to assist with the monitoring for and detection of this disease. Watch this new Web site and this newsletter for updates.