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May 18, 2005

European pine sawfly was reported to be 1/2 to 3/4 inch long on May 10 in Hennepin, just south of LaSalle-Peru. These colonial insects can be controlled with hand-removal or sprays of carbaryl (Sevin), a pyrethroid, or other labeled insecticide.

Euonymus scale crawlers should be present at this time. They are lemon yellow and easily seen on the foliage. Sprays of acephate (Orthene), bifenthrin (Talstar), cyfluthrin (Tempo), insecticidal soap, or summer oil should be effective.

Peach tree borer is susceptible to basal trunk applications of permethrin (Astro) at this time. They commonly occur on older purpleleaf plum and flowering cherry.

Viburnum borer primarily attacks Viburnum opulus compacta at the crown, causing dead and dying stems from the ground that break off easily. It also occurs on other viburnums, particularly those under stress. Basal applications of permethrin (Astro) will be effective at this time.

Author: Phil Nixon


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