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All Roundups Are Not Created Equal

May 5, 2004

Garden centers may already be aware that a new version of Roundup is on the shelves this season, but this new version has created some confusion for shoppers. In the past, Roundup Concentrate (glyphosate) was available for use around fruits and vegetables and for garden plot preparation. However, the new Roundup Concentrate Plus has the additional active ingredient diquat dibromide. This provides for a much quicker kill. However, there is no mention on the label of use around fruits and vegetables and for garden plot preparation, which means it cannot be used in these areas. Potential diquat dibromide residues are the issue. Perhaps residue tolerances have not been established for fruits and vegetables. Regardless of the reason, these uses have been omitted from this new label. This serves as a reminder to always read product labels carefully. Labels can change with little fanfare.

Author: Michelle Wiesbrook


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