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Scab Control Question

May 14, 2003

Apple scab was discussed in issue no. 1 of this newsletter. Chemical control options for scab were discussed with crabapple in mind as the host. The same disease also affects edible apple. Many readers grow apples in their home gardens and ask questions about control on edible apple. The Midwest Tree Fruit Pest Management Handbook discusses chemical options for commercial producers. Chemical schedules for homeowners are in chapter 6 of the Home, Yard, & Garden Pest Guide. Unfortunately, the only products listed for scab are captan and multipurpose fruit spray, which usually contains captan and an insecticide. Although these products work as protectants, growers want systemic product options. The chapter will be revised soon to include such information, but the present question is whether there are systemic alternative for scab control on homeowner apple production.

There are some suggestions we can make. Of course, always read labels carefully before using a fungicide, no matter what you read here. Labels change often. Make certain that the product is registered for use on the intended crop (apple) and against the intended disease (scab). Homeowner products that we found with systemic activity and labeled on edible apple include Spectracide Immunox, Fertilome Halt, Bonide Bonomyl, and Immunox Plus. Those with a protective/contact activity included Fertilome fruit tree spray (captan and malathion) and Bonide captan. Others undoubtedly exist. Check the label before using any of these products.

Author: Nancy Pataky


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