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April 25, 2003

Welcome to the first issue of the 2003 Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter. This newsletter is written by U of I Extension specialists and educators to provide professional arborists, lawn-care specialists, golf-course personnel, landscapers, and garden-center operators with a season-long report of insects, diseases, and weeds attacking landscape ornamentals, including turfgrasses. Major authors are Nancy Pataky, Extension specialist in plant pathology and manager of the Plant Clinic; Raymond Cloyd, Extension specialist and assistant professor in green-industry IPM entomology; and Phil Nixon, Extension specialist in entomology and coordinator of this newsletter. Other Extension personnel write occasional articles.

During April, issues are biweekly as the growing season gets under way. During May and June when many pest problems appear, we publish weekly. As the season matures in July, August, and September, we revert to a biweekly schedule. Finally, monthly issues in October and November finish out the 20 issues, with an index in the final issue.

This newsletter relies on observations of pest activity around the state. Donna Danielson, Karol Jacobs, and Fredric Miller of the Morton Arboretum provide pest-scouting reports that help our efforts tremendously in northeastern Illinois. Bill Sullivan provides consistent phenology information from the Peoria area. We are always grateful for additional reports that our readers submit.

We also welcome comments about the newsletter and its content. If you have comments about a particular article, contact the author whose name appears in parentheses at the end of the article. Scouting reports can also be directed to those people. Overall comments about the newsletter or pest observations on a variety of pests can be directed to Phil Nixon. Contact information for authors is listed at the end of each newsletter issue.

Author: Phil Nixon


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