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Ash Plant Bug

May 22, 2002

Ash plant bug nymphs are present throughout the state. Both the nymphs and adults actively run along the ash leaves and branches. Their feeding causes light dots that later turn brown. This stippling can be pronounced enough to cause leaflets to curl and be distorted. The flat backed adults are about 1/8 inch long, long-legged, and brown. The nymphs are smaller, long-legged, somewhat triangular in shape, and greenish to brown.

Sprays of insecticidal soap, pyrethroids such as bifenthrin (Talstar) and lambda-cyhalothrin (Scimitar), and several other insecticides are effective against these insects. Usually the damage can be tolerated, eliminating the need for insecticide.

Author: Donna Danielson of The Morton Arboretum Phil Nixon


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