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Anthracnose Abundant

May 22, 2002

Last week we discussed anthracnose on trees. The recent abundance of rain has certainly intensified this disease on susceptible trees. It is very apparent on sycamores in central Illinois. Look closely and you will see that the newest leaves are dead and green leaves are emerging about 4 or 5 inches down the stem. The Morton Arboretum reports recent cases of anthracnose on sycamore, ash, and maple in DuPage County, so it is likely that anthracnose is a common problem in Illinois this year. Susceptible species may soon show leaf drop, a condition that always concerns homeowners when it happens in May. As the new flush of leaves emerges in drier, warmer conditions, they should escape infection. Cool temperatures will increase the chance of infection but will also slow the emergence of the new leaves. We may see a second flush of anthracnose this year. Refer to last week’s article for detailed management suggestions.

Author: Nancy Pataky


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