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Looking for Dacthal?

May 8, 2002

Over the past few years, Dacthal (DCPA) herbicide has become increasingly difficult to find. When its manufacturer, ISK Biotech Products, elected to discontinue production, existing stocks dwindled, and the price reflected the shortage. Last year, production resumed when AMVAC Chemical Corporation obtained this product. However, many home gardeners are still having great difficulty finding Dacthal.

This year, AMVAC introduced a new, 4-pound container. It is possible that many garden centers are not aware of this new size. Home gardeners should simply request this product so garden centers can then order it. A 48-pound box containing two 24-pound bags is available to commercial applicators. Both products are formulated as Dacthal W75 (75% wettable powder). More information and a product label can be obtained at AMVAC's Web site, http://www.k-salt.com/. Customer service may also be reached by phone at (888)462-6822.

Dacthal may be used to provide preemergence control of annual grasses such as crabgrass and certain broadleaf weeds such as chickweed and spurge. It is registered for use on a variety of vegetable crops and ornamentals, as well as turf and strawberries. Please note that turf and ornamental uses are now included in the agricultural label. Also note that Dacthal does NOT control galinsoga, jimsonweed, johnsongrass (from rhizomes), mustards, nutsedge, common ragweed, smartweed, or velvetleaf. Check the product label for more information.

So Dacthal is still available, but it may take some time and effort to find it. Also, be aware of other products that may also disappear. As reported in the Federal Register on March 6, 2002, Pursell Industries has requested voluntary cancellation of registrations of their Dacthal-containing products: Vertagreen Professional Use with Dacthal, Garden Weed Preventer (contains Dacthal), Turf Pro Dacthal 5G, and Turf Pro Dacthal 5G Plus.

Author: Michelle Wiesbrook


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