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Plant Clinic Closing-It's That Time Again!

August 29, 2001

It's hard to believe that the summer is nearly over, but there's no stopping it. The University of Illinois Plant Clinic is a seasonal operation. We close for the fall/winter on Friday, September 14--still time to send in that nagging plant problem or a sample of a declining plant that has been bothering you. Samples received by September 14 will be completed, but nothing will be started after that date. This is a firm deadline. We will open May 1, 2002, ready to face another exciting year of new challenges.

If you have a plant problem after the closing date, contact your local Extension office. If you are the Extension personnel or otherwise need help from a specialist, the following persons may be available for telephone questions. Do not send samples to these specialists unless the specialist requests them. There is no lab service after September 14.

Problems with Ornamental Plants

Insects: Phil Nixon, 333-6650; Raymond Cloyd, 244-7218

Diseases: Nancy Pataky, 333-2478; Bruce Paulsrud, 244-9646

Trees/shrubs: David Williams, 333-2126

Turf: Tom Voigt, 333-7847

Herbaceous plants: Jim Schmidt, 244-5153

Nematodes: Dale Edwards, 244-2011

Problems with Fruit/Vegetable Plants

Insects: Rick Weinzierl, 333-6651

Diseases: Mohammad Babadoost, 333-1523

Vegetable production: Chuck Voigt, 333-1969

Food crops: Mosbah Kushad, 244-5691

Nematode problems: Dale Edwards, 244-2011

Weed control: John Masiunas, 244-4469

Author: Nancy Pataky


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