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Can the Illinois Pesticide Review Help You?

July 11, 2001

This newsletter written by Illinois Extension Pesticide Applicator Training specialists is published six times a year for Extension personnel, specialists, and others interested in the safe and effective use of pesticides.

Its primary purpose is to provide concise information on legislation, regulations, and other developments directly impacting pesticide use in Illinois. However, articles on basic pesticide safety, disposal, container recycling, water quality, and pesticide misuse, to name a few, can also be found.

Every issue includes a pesticide update section containing label changes, whether it be additions (crops/plants, areas, or pests) to the label, cancellations of current uses, company mergers, or a glimpse of new products to come. Check it out for free at www.pesticidesafety.uiuc.edu. While there, you can sign up for free e-mail notification as each issue is posted. Past issues are also at this site and can be searched.

Author: Michelle Wiesbrook


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